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Strategic Planning

Sue has significant experience with supporting strategic planning in a variety of organisations including UK charities, international development NGOs, civil society organisations and various consortia.

Stakeholder participation in strategic planningSue is particularly experienced in working with organisations undertaking strategic reviews and planning in challenging and difficult environments. Her excellent communication skills and ability to understand complex issues quickly mean that she is skilled in ensuring that the most appropriate levels of consultation and participation are met.

Sue has a pragmatic and flexible approach whether leading the whole process from visioning through to implementation planning, forecasting, target setting and evaluation or whether providing specific inputs and support at different stages.

Sue draws on a range of tools and methodologies and experience to ensure that each planning process is individually designed to meet the specific needs and aspirations of that organisation, their clients, beneficiaries and stakeholders.

During her career Sue has been responsible for strategic planning within local partners and UK support teams (as Regional Director for Marie Stopes International), for supporting business planning in the Health Protection Agency, for overseeing the review and development of an international strategic framework (Director of Strategic Planning and Information for Sightsavers International) and for developing an organisational strategic plan (CEO, Maternity Worldwide). Sue also provides specific support and input to organisations including as Cheltenham Youth Taking Control, the Brighton : Lusaka Higher Education link, the SSI trust, the UK Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights Network and a number of smaller charities. Please click on the strategic planning case studies for more information.

"Sue led the process of pulling together and editing the two year extension to our strategic plan, to buy us time to do a much more comprehensive strategic review. She then helped us get the main consultation process going - this process was very successful and ultimately led to an exciting new strategic plan for Sightsavers."
Dr Caroline Harper, OBE. CEO Sightsavers International.

"Sue Newport has a unique grasp of strategic planning in the context NGOs of differing sizes and the implemention of those plans - she presents the subject in an interesting and intelligent way to help participants to 'own' ideas and implement them. She works from a position of much experience in implementing strategic plans in the not for profit sector within which she is highly respected."
Jane Moore MPH, Trustee of Maternity Worldwide

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