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Organisational Development

Accountability to donors, staff and beneficiaries is vital to all organisations, particularly those in the not for profit sector who need to ensure and demonstrate the effectiveness and efficiency of their work. There is always scope to improve or a need to address a specific issue and, whether you know it as institutional strengthening, capacity building or organisational development, a tailored and targeted programme will usually offer the best return.

Sue has over 18 years of experience in supporting UK and international organisations in reaching their goals whether it's by improving their capacity to deliver a specific project or in response to the needs of new strategic considerations such as diversification, expansion, reduction or changes in the operational environment.

Youth project operational plans, NigeriaSue works with organisations to undertake an assessment of their capacity in line with their plans, long term aspirations and existing resources such as skills and philosophies and management practices. Working closely with the organisation Sue can design and support the implementation of plans and activities to develop the organisational capacity to narrow the gaps between the actual and planned situation.

Sue has a particular interest in and experience with knowledge management, communications, management information systems (MIS) and other performance measurement and management tools, such as KPIs.

Examples of Sue's work can be found in the case studies which include leading a benchmarking of success project for an institute of postgraduate medicine, supporting the development of organisational plans, standardised management processes and performance targets for a UK based youth project and developing the executive function of an international maternal health charity.

Sue also undertakes the evaluation of organisational development activities such as the promoting sexual and reproductive health for HIV/AIDS reduction project in Nigeria.

"Sue Newport worked on the 2007 Output-to-Purpose review of the DFID-funded Nigeria Promoting Sexual and Reproductive Health for HIV and AIDS Reduction (PSRHH). PSRHH was a 52.8 million, seven-year programme with an end date of December 2008. It was the largest HIV programme funded by DFID anywhere in the world.

Sue's responsibility on the OPR team was to cover issues of organizational development and monitoring and evaluation, to undertake institutional mapping and to provide additional techncial expertise on sexual and reproductive health.

As team OPR leader, I can vouch for Sue's professionalism and dedication. Sue was also an effective and supportive team member, whose professional and personal qualities were much appreciated by other team members, Nigerian implementing partners and DFID."
Janet Gruber von Kerenshazy
Social Development Consultant in Health

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