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Strategic planning    Clients of a young persons' sexual and reproductive health programme provide feedback on services, Vakhdat, Tajikistan
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Monitoring and Evaluation

Focus group discussions about ante natal care services, MalawiSue has a special interest in effective monitoring and evaluation of projects and organisations. She regularly undertakes evaluations of projects and provides technical assistance in building the capacity of organisations, of all sizes, to monitor and influence their performance and impact.

Sue is experienced with using a wide range of evaluation methodologies and understands the challenges of data collection and performance evaluation in difficult environments and of attributing impact. Common methodologies include qualitative tools such as focus group discussions, questionnaires and interviews and quantitative tools such as surveys and statistical analysis.

Sue is also experienced in undertaking meta evaluation and has undertaken work for organisations such as the SSI Trust, providing analysis of existing knowledge and information to help inform future directions.

"Sue Newport is an extremely competent and professional individual with a range of skills that bring real change and benefits to those she works with. Sue was responsible for facilitating one of SSI's most successful funded projects and undoubtedly it was Sue's expertise in planning and capacity building that made this partner so attractive to us. SSI are delighted that Sue now provides us with technical advice on health projects and is the cornerstone of our evaluation programme".
Mr David Brown MBA. SSI Trust.

"Thanks a lot for your big contribution to the youth sexual and reproductive health project (conducting of the mid term review, the useful report and recommendations) and for your great patience."
Zinaida Abdulloeva, Programme Manager, CARE Tajikistan

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