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Maternal, Child and Newborn Health

Mother with twins and young girl, Malawi Sue has specific skills and experience in the design and management of MCNH services and specifically in supporting the integration of emergency obstetrics care (EmOC).

During her time with Marie Stopes International Sue was responsible for the introduction of maternal care, including safe delivery units, across a range of programmes and for supporting strategies to improve community based initiatives to improve the awareness and uptake of services, especially emergency services. More recently Sue was CEO of a UK based INGO Maternity Worldwide and responsible for the overall management and development of a range of maternal care services.

Sue regularly undertakes evaluations of maternal and safe motherhood programmes for NGOs and also undertakes situational analyses of maternal health service provision for NGOs and organisations such as UNFPA.

In 2009 Sue researched and wrote the UNFPA report "Progress in Maternal Health in Eastern Europe and Central Asia". Sue has also undertaken numerous literature reviews on maternal health care and policy including a review of the social and cultural dimensions of maternal mortality in Afghanistan (2010 KIT and CORDAID).

"Sue Newport was hired to do the evaluation of a Maternal Mortality Prevention project in Sierra Leone. With her knowledge on how to conduct evaluations combined with her in depth knowledge and practical experience in Emergency Obstetric Case Management she was very capable. I found her focused with good writing and communication skills. Her recommendations I found very practical and showing good insight in Maternal and Child Health issues."
Ingrid Mijilof, Country Director, Health Unlimited.

"As a team leader Sue has exceptional leadership skills especially in the field. She plans her assignments with intricate detail and monitors her team's capacity in difficult and/or hard logisitical contexts. Sue's leadership is undertaken in a quiet and caring manner without an authoratative approach, but with confidence and informed by expansive expertise."
Jane Moore MPH, Trustee of Maternity Worldwide

"Health Unlimited was delighted with the work that Sue carried out as team leader in our evaluation study in the remote Bombali District of Sierra Leone. Sue showed flexibility in her approach and produced a very helpful and constructive report".
Jerry Clewett, Programme Director, Health Unlimited

Case studies:
    1. Maternity Worldwide
    Strategic planning and organisational development at Maternity Worldwide, a small UK based International NGO

    2. Marie Stopes International
    Providing comprehensive and integrated sexual, reproductive and maternal health services at Marie Stopes International

    3. Health Unlimited
    Final evaluation of a maternal health and emergency obstetrics project, Sierra Leone

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