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Strategic planning    Uniformed service personnel and young people post focus group discussions on the effectiveness of peer education, Abuja, Nigeria
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Facilitation and training

Briefing translators and facilitators in Kamakwe, Sierra LeoneOften organisations already have a wealth of ideas and resources and a good understanding of what impact they want to make, they just need help extracting and capitalising on these assets. As an experienced facilitator with a very flexible approach, Sue can provide facilitation support that is tailored to your needs whether that's leading a focused planning session over a few hours or managing a large scale participative process over a longer period and multiple sites.

Sue is an experiened trainer and uses a range of different tools and techniques to help ensure not only effective learning but also to support the application of new skills and knowledge. Recent examples of her work includes gender and gender mainstreaming training for UNICEF offices in West Africa and the design and delivery of a training strategy for health workers working with sex workers and abused clients in Tajikistan (UNFPA).

Please contact Sue if you would like to discuss your facilitation or training requirements or if you would like more information.
contact: info@suenewportconsulting.com