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Case Study - Sightsavers International

Post cataract removal, Rajasthan, India Leading an international strategic planning process, Sightsavers International.

Sue joined Sightsavers International in early 2006 as the Director of Strategic Planning and Information Management. The 2 years prior to her appointment had been an exciting time for Sightsavers which had seen significant change and development. Staff were keen to use the dynamic energy and success to further build the organisation and the senior management team were keen to ensure that future plans were based on effective consultation and consideration of the opportunities available. A commitment was made to undertake a comprehensive process to maximise the relevance and value of the final strategic plans. Sue's initial remit was to design and deliver a process to revise and extend the existing strategic plan to provide an operational framework whilst the main review was undertaken. Front cover of Sight Savers strategic framework 2007 - 2008 The resulting process achieved its objective whilst also introducing a variety of communication methods and decision making frameworks that would be used in the main review.

Subsequently Sue led the design and implementation of an organisation-wide methodology for developing the new strategic framework. This centred on a phased approach to identifying and agreeing strategic directions whilst ensuring the full discussion and consideration of the risks, resource requirements and implications of any change for this single focus organisation. The process included creating and building the capacity of an international steering committee and working group which assumed responsibility for the actual implementation of the process and for developing the criteria for measuring and managing success within the broader strategic context.

"Sue led the process of pulling together and editing the two year extension to our strategic plan, to buy us time to do a much more comprehensive strategic review. She then helped us get the main consultation process going - this process was very successful and ultimately led to an exciting new strategic plan for Sightsavers."
Dr Caroline Harper, OBE. CEO Sightsavers International.

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