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Strategic planning    Focus group discussions on the provision of emergency obstetrics services in Kamakwie, Sierra Leone
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Case Study - Sierra Leone

Women in Tambaka District, Sierra Leone, participate in the evaluation of an emergency obstetrics projectFinal evaluation of a maternal health and emergency obstetrics project, Sierra Leone.

Sue was appointed as the team leader for the final evaluation of an EU funded maternal health project in Bombali, Sierra Leone. The project, implemented by Health Unlimited and the Wesleyan Church, was designed to address the main causes of maternal mortality and morbidity in this disadvantaged region. Sue's experience designing and managing basic and emergency obstetrics care (EmOC) in Africa and of providing integrated maternal and reproductive health services and information projects provides her with a solid understanding of the challenges of providing services in harder to access areas.

In conjunction with the team Sue designed and led a comprehensive review of the multiple components of the project and provided an overall assessment of the impact of the project. In addition to a thorough analysis of data and in-situ observation to verify the project's achievements, the evaluation used a range of other methodologies and interacted with representatives from all stakeholder groups to assess the effectiveness of the activities. The qualitative review activities included focus group discussions and key informant interviews with key stakeholders including users, members and leaders of the community, traditional birth attendants, medical personnel, government representatives and policy makers. In 2009 Sue supported the participative design of a follow on maternal health and wellbeing project in Bombali.

"Health Unlimited was delighted with the work that Sue carried out as team leader in our evaluation study in the remote Bombali District of Sierra Leone. Sue showed flexibility in her approach and produced a very helpful and constructive report".
Jerry Clewett, Programme Director, Health Unlimited

"As a team leader Sue has exceptional leadership skills especially in the field. She plans her assignments with intricate detail and monitors her team's capacity in difficult and/or hard logisitical contexts. Sue's leadership is undertaken in a quiet and caring manner without an authoratative approach, but with confidence and informed by expansive expertise."
Jane Moore MPH, Trustee of Maternity Worldwide

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