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Case Study - Maternity Worldwide

Community leaders encourage male involvement in maternal health care, Ethiopia Supporting the provision of maternal health programming in Ethiopia.

Maternity Worldwide's flagship project in Gimbie is implemented in collaboration with local and international partners and was initially funded for a 3 year period; this was subsequently extended. The project uses the Thaddeus and Maine 3 delays model as a framework for delivering a range of maternal health services. Sue drew on her extensive experience of designing maternal health programmes to work closely with the programme team and local partners to provide high quality services to the local community and to ensure the smooth integration of new developments, policies and legislations such as the introduction of government guidelines on the prevention of mother to child transmission. Sue's extensive experience of undertaking maternal health reviews and situational analyses also left her well positioned to support the development of well researched and evidence based plan for expansion to provide basic and emergency obstetrics care (EmOC) in areas with unmet need elsewhere in Western Wollega.
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