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Case Study - Maternity Worldwide

Post natal care, MalawiStrategic planning and organisational development at Maternity Worldwide, a small UK based International NGO.

Sue joined Maternity Worldwide in 2007 as CEO. In its first 5 years this not-for-profit organisation had developed and implemented a successful maternal health project with its partners in Gimbie, Ethiopia. During her time with Maternity Worldwide Sue was responsible for reinvigorating and leading a strategic planning process to help determine and plan for the future development and expansion of the organisation's activities. The NGO operates within a niche of being the UK's only charity focused specifically on maternal health and the process needed to ensure that that this position was fully appreciated within the context of wider healthcare, policy and funding environments.

Additionally Sue was responsible for planning and undertaking a programme of organisational development. The resulting development plan and corresponding strategies led to the development of core operational policies and significant improvements in human resource management, in the management of financial information, in creating funding pipelines and in mainstreaming MIS to monitor and manage performance. Other key organisational strengthening activities included the streamlining of internal communication functions, developing effective communications and working relationships with European partner organisations and the positioning of Maternity Worldwide within the UK reproductive health sector (resulting in productive collaborations and opportunities).

"Sue Newport has a unique grasp of strategic planning in the context NGOs of differing sizes and the implemention of those plans - she presents the subject in an interesting and intelligent way to help participants to 'own' ideas and implement them. She works from a position of much experience in implementing strategic plans in the not for profit sector within which she is highly respected."
Jane Moore MPH, Trustee of Maternity Worldwide

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