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Case Study - Cheltenham Youth Taking Control

Youth project operational plans, NigeriaStrategic planning, organisational development and building capacity, Cheltenham Youth Taking Control.

Cheltenham Youth Taking Control (CYTC) resulted from the activities of a group of out of school young people who felt unable to access information and support through conventional channels; CYTC aimed to provide information and support from peers and invited individuals in a non-threatening and non-judgemental environment. A core group of individuals quickly developed an accessible environment with readily available peer-written materials and access to expert support on request. Sue was approached after the project had been running for 3 years; the original members had moved on and there was a sense of the project having lost its way and driving force. The project had secured some funding but was unsure whether or not they had the capacity and/or enthusiasm to carry on.

Sue worked with CYTC for 3 months to lead and facilitate a strategic planning process to identify and evaluate the value of the project to existing and potential members. The process drew on a range of standard tools and methodologies but also tailored the approaches and technologies to suit the needs of this diverse group. As a result a set of key objectives was agreed and, through smaller task groups, realistic plans and funding schedules were agreed and implemented to attain these objectives.

Sue also worked with the group to review and streamline the effectiveness of their structure and management activities. Following this organisational analysis, Sue led the development of straightforward policies and processes for key activities which would ensure accountability, required compliance and also, crucially, worked with the group to build a shared level of understanding which increased internal compliance and supported the sustainable transfer of knowledge to next generation members. In addition Sue provided specific support, guidance and mentoring to build the capacity of individuals in areas including financial management, fundraising, health and safety requirements and information management.
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